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Soul of my Sole

Soul of my Sole
Mild Steel, Handmade Paper (sawgrass, abaca), Handmade Walnut Ink, Shoe Laces

My Papaw was a tobacco farmer and a preacher - a hard working man who spent his life either in the field or visiting his flock until the day he passed. After the funeral my mother took a pair of his old work boots and planted them with succulents. I always believed that as long as something was living in his shoes his memory would never die. This sculpture is based on my own work boots, worn so much that there were tears in the leather and the soles flapped when I walked. They are planted with aloe to soothe the burns and cuts I had along the way. This is my way of remembering the joys and struggles I walked through in those old boots - keeping my past alive as I walk into the future.


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